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Your appointments are very important to our Salon Millan team. We book your appointments just for you, and ask that if you must cancel or reschedule any appointment, you please provide us with at least 24-hour notice. This way, our team will be able to adjust their schedules accordingly and we may be able to accommodate clients on our waiting list. We do, of course, understand that unavoidable issues come up and will do our best to work with you in case of an emergency, etc. However, if last minute cancellations or ‘no shows’ become a habit, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Here is our general breakdown of cancellation fees:

• Less than 24-hour notice will result in a charge of 50% of the service.
• ‘NO SHOWS’ will be charged 50% of service amount.

If you have “no showed” multiple appointments and would like to make a future appointment, we will require a credit card on file.

As a courtesy, we do call, text and/or email to confirm the date and time at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If we are unable to reach you and only leave a message, or cannot reach you at all, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times in order to avoid missed appointments and cancellation fees. You are always welcome to call and double check any appointments if you are unsure.


We will always do everything possible to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, emergencies come up! However, your tardiness can affect the remainder of our teams’ day by delaying them for their next clients. We generally allow a 10 minute grace period. After that time, we will call to check in on you! If you are able to make it in time for your entire service to be completed, we will do everything we can to ensure we accommodate you with the time we have available. If not, you may have to forgo parts of the service in order to keep it in the time allotted for you. Please, always call if you even think you might be late; we’d rather know as early as possible!

*Text messaging is not available.  Appointments cannot be changed, cancelled or rescheduled online. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS and YOUR MOBILE NUMBER, so you can be contacted for your confirmation reminder.


Our prices do not reflect gratuities. For those who wish to show appreciation, the industry averages are from 18%-20% of the service. We do not accept credit card tips. We accept tips in cash or, for your convenience, through the Venmo app.


Salon Millan

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